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Industry Training in Accounts, Finance & Tax – StepUp Skills

Industrial Training

As soon as graduation is completed, we rush towards industrial training to learn the working culture of market and get fit in. But finding a workplace for training, where you can get challenges and real time accounts, finance, taxes and GST cases to handle is biggest woe. Duration of Industrial training is the time, when you do case studies implementing all you have learnt till now. Here you learn to handle pressure, clients and risks. So it is the crucial part of your curriculum.

StepUp Skills finds you the best industrial training options. We have partners in industry, where we can send our students to learn practical accounting aspects. Our industrial partners and trainers makes out the most efficient and skillful version of yours.

Here students can observe all cases and work challenges to learn solving the issues an accountant can face in handling accounting, finance and tax matters of a company.

How to become trainer with us?

To join StepUp Skills as trainer, you must have a practical problem solving approach and experience of handling risks and pressure an accountant can face. To test your expertise, we give a small test. If you are interested in joining us, please take the test below. We will contact you for collaboration, based on your performance.